A present tense statement about yourself or your current situation in life (Self-talk). They are intended to be positive, empowering statements that will uplift and inspire you when said aloud and with conviction.

Positive affirmations offer a fast and powerful way to get in tune with a positive vibration match for your desires.

Here are some examples:

I am loved.

My life is abundant in all areas.

I am in the process of attracting my dream life.

I am grateful for the life I have.

I am excited to be alive.

I am living proof of the Laws of Attraction.

I am a money magnet.

Life is so easy for me.

I believe I can accomplish everything I put my mind to.

Once you have created your own positive affirmations and tweaked them to fit your desires, it is best to repeat them daily. Say them out loud and really experience the positive emotions that follow these beliefs.

This is teaching you to REPROGRAM your old thoughts of disbelief by transforming them into POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS which become your new attitudes and self-image. Those past, negative thoughts will fade.

What you will have left is a thirst for happiness and a positive belief system.

Another concept is a GOAL SPECIFIC AFFIRMATION. These are statements that describe goals as if they have already been completed. It may seem a bit out of the norm to celebrate something that hasn’t happened already, however, creating these statements and actually experiencing the emotions of having achieved the goal is all you need to be on the vibrational match to attract that intended goal.

These affirmations align you with the ideas, people, places, and resources needed to achieve your goal. Your perception and awareness will heighten and choices will become very clear.

Here are a few examples:

I am feeling excited to take my new car (be specific) for a spin along the beach.

I am feeling proud as I look in the mirror and have lost (desired weight).

I am feeling grateful receiving another large check to put in my bank account.

Remember to be as specific as possible when writing out your affirmations.

Make time to recite them throughout your day starting when you wake up.

Saying them out loud and even in front of a mirror can make them more powerful.

These are your own goals and dreams so make sure you feel empowered when you hear them. They should start a wild fire from within and push you to be inspired and aware throughout each day.

The Law of Attraction has no choice BUT to respond to your wishes. It will mirror your thoughts and feelings and give you more of the same.