How to Meditate Effectively for Beginners

So You Want to Learn How to Meditate Effectively?

Mediation is an important factor to manifesting your desires. By meditating, you are attracting and pulling your dreams into reality. So what better way to spend your energy than connecting your mind, body, and soul than through meditation?

So now we know that meditating is important, but what exactly is considered meditating effectively?

meditation for beginnersMeditating has a few definitions. One is to think deeply, or focus your mind for a period of time. Usually, meditation is done in silence, however, some is done with a low vibrational humming or chanting, which is usually practiced for spiritual or religious purposes. Another definition of meditating is simply planning mentally, or carefully considering.

How is it done?

First, you must make sure that you have a personal space that is quiet and comfortable, free from any distractions.

Sitting or lying down is your personal choice, the importance is on posture and awareness of body.  Find a position that is natural and comfortable for you. Being stiff and unnatural will not let your mind free.

Start taking deep breaths to relax, and do your best to focus on the here and now. Push away all thoughts for these moments and concentrate on your breathing. Breath is your soul. So breathing deeply allows your soul to be present in the physical.

Imagine air filling your lungs as you inhale and leaving your body through your nostrils as you exhale. Repeat this over and over concentrating only on your breathing.

Thoughts will begin to appear…let them. Do not push these thoughts away. Simply listen to them, observe, make a mental note to be aware, and let them pass. These are thoughts coming from our inner self, which actually is an extension of a higher being. Make sure to not pass any judgement on these thoughts or create any forms of opinion. They are present for us to observe and focus on later.

meditationAs you are in this process, you may want to focus on a goal, a question you’ve been pondering, or just visualizing where you want to be. All of this is perfectly natural. You are now in the state of communication with your inner self.

To come out of the meditation you can begin to breathe slower and lighter. Return focus to your body and then your surroundings. Gradually begin to stretch and regain focus to the world around you as if you are first waking up in morning.

What are the benefits of meditation?

When meditation is done effectively, it feels amazing. As you practice this more often, you’ll feel more refreshed and re-energized each time. You are truly listening to your inner voice and it will always show you the way. It is important to take time and nurture your soul. So much of our lives are spent ignoring it and rushing through a life that is full of distractions. Meditation allows you to scan through your experiences, process them, and evolve through learning and progression. To see beyond the physical self helps us to limit or face our fears. In order to be balanced and live your best life, you should be meditating and tapping into your truest energy, YOURSELF.

Best Tips for Losing Weight


Are You Looking for the Real Weight Loss Tips?

Shedding your unwanted weight may be easier than you’ve ever imagined. Diet fads, diet pills, and diet restrictions all seem to take the background to basic food knowledge, healthy choices, and a positive mindset. In order to stay on track, set yourself a realistic weight loss goal, keep a food diary, and visualize yourself thin. Being mentally strong is key to the struggle. Preparation gives us power to make conscious, smart choices.

Let’s start with your at home choices. Clear out any and all foods that contain trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Rearrange your food so that your healthiest choices such as whole fruits and vegetables are front and center.

tips to lose weight  Meals built around high fiber and high protein will help in the fat burning process and also preserve muscle mass. Fiber aids digestion (needed to boot metabolism) and lowers cholesterol. Foods like oatmeal, whole grains, beans and green vegetables are high in fiber. Lean proteins are considered chicken, fish, turkey, egg whites, soy and yogurt. To keep metabolism up 4-5 mini meals enriched with these nutrients are suggested daily.

Ready to eat snacks such as nuts and fruits are helpful to travel with. Remember preparation is power. These snacks help us to feel full and replenish energy throughout the day.

   Eating a balanced breakfast is important because it ensures that we won’t be starving later in the day.

Water is mandatory. Throw out all artificially flavored water, sodas, and juices. Our bodies need water to survive, replenish, and refresh. Drinking a gallon a day will help flush toxins and other impurities that do not serve us. Also, adding citrus, mint, and/or ginger has major benefits in the fat burning process.

Portion sizes are all part of your mental control. Reach for smaller plates and take time to enjoy each bite of your meal. Throw out store bought containers and ration in smaller potions. Try replacing starches with more vegetables.

Chewing gum can help curb cravings. Studies show that cravings only last up to five minutes. Just make sure to chew sugar-free gum!

Minimize the alcoholic beverages. They’re loaded with empty calories, and are an appetite inhibitor. However, if you still feel the urge to have a couple drinks, don’t worry, the occasional drink isn’t too bad. Plus, there’s light beer! Sleep is vital for our bodies to function properly. Sleeping 7-9 hours each night will keep your hormones in balance and you feeling refreshed.

Thirty to forty-five minutes of cardio, 3-4 times a week, will not only help increase the amount of weight you lose, but it will also strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Get help. Tell friends and family that you have a plan and are putting it to use. Chances are they will join you on your healthier choices. Inviting someone to exercise with is no doubt more fun, and will make it harder to break that commitment.

Record your daily food intake, exercise, and weekly weight! Celebrate your losses and visualize yourself thinner and leaner.