Keep a collection or record your gifts from the Universe.

By physically writing them down you give them power to manifest more of the same. Take a moment and really feel appreciation for each one. And before you know it, your list will snowball. Bigger and better gifts are always just around the corner!

I keep a small note pad and pen in my car or bag while I’m on the go. Consider what happens to you throughout the day.

-someone held a closing door open for you

-a friend paid for your lunch

-you received an unexpected discount while checking out at a store

-mostly green lights on the way to work

-an out of the blue message from an old friend

-someone showed you recognition for a job well done

-an unexpected reward was given to you for a good deed done

-a check in the mail

-money found in the laundry

-smiling, happy people speaking to you throughout the day

-you hear music you like wherever you go

-finding a feather on the ground

The list could go on and on. Counting and listing what goes right will bring your perspective to see the positive around you. And you will feel good. And that will bring you more in tune with accepting all the gifts the Universe is ready to give you!

What are your vibrations attracting?

Let me rephrase that, what are your vibrations creating?

Are you setting your specific desires and left with what it seems like no response from this great Universe?

Could that even be possible?

Well, you are a constant creator, creating even subconsciously and in your sleep!

Make sure you are attracting the right things.

Keeping your energetic field high by concentrating on what makes you feel good is the key.

Take a look around. Are you happy with what you see? Is it boosting your energy or holding you back?

Simple and quick reminders are everywhere. Keep your eyes open to the Universe’s response.

And it is always responding.

If you find that you are off balance, getting back in tune is as simple as putting on a favorite song or spending 15 minutes outside in gratitude. Simple as that. It can change the course of your entire day, week, month and before you know it…BAM! There you are standing in front of that very thing you had imagined or wanted.

You are vibrating within this miraculous Universe. IT IS ALWAYS COMMUNICATING WITH YOU.


**We cannot be in the state of allowing anything to catch us if we are in an emotional state opposite to what we are wanting to attract.