The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for, and to return kindness.

Thank you. Say those words out loud. Feel the emotion that comes with feeling thankful. That is gratitude. It can be for something as simple as the air in your lungs or the thought of just being alive. Gratitude is the key component to the Law of Attraction. It is what gets us from A to C.

 You could not have any of the things you do have without it. On the other hand, if you are lacking in certain areas of your life and wanting them to change just know that it can through gratitude.

Let’s go back to the foundation of the Law of Attraction. LOA applies to all energy. And because our thoughts and feelings have energy, they can attract more of the same. Now that we understand that the Law of Attraction states like attracts like, let’s talk about another law of the universe. Sir Issac Newton founded the laws of motion. He stated that, “…for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We can apply the thought of gratitude to his idea. Gratitude is also magnetic. If you are in the state of giving thanks or just giving, you will always be in the state of receiving.

Some of us may believe that we are grateful people, but when you look a little closer at their everyday activities, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Gratitude is a practice. It should be done daily and effortlessly. It may be easier for some to start with a list of things they absolutely love. Anything they feel love for.

Next, use that list to say why you are grateful or thankful for those things. A gratitude list is the simplest way to get into the feeling of gratitude. Take time with each item on your list and truly feel thankful. This is your key to attracting ANYTHING you want in life.
The stronger your feelings of gratitude, the faster you will be receiving the life you truly are meant to live. Snowballing gratitude with everything around you everyday, not only changes your thought process, it TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE!!!

And in order to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, you need to be specific with what it is you desire. Think of each area of your life.

Family. Relationships. Career. Finances. Dreams. Money. Materialistic items. Health.

Could they improve?

Imagine it even better than that!

Write down your demands of the universe so that when gratitude takes you there, you can recognize it.

Feel these changes when they are taking place.

YOU brought them into your life.

YOU will be in control of your life.

YOU will have your dreams brought to you through the Law of Attraction and GRATITUDE.

The Universe WILL respond to your demands. Brainstorm and decide what it is that you desire to attract.