How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Law of Attraction basically states that “like equals like”. That means you are attracting EVERYTHING that comes into your life through your thoughts and feelings. If you are feeling happy, grateful, appreciative, excited, abundant, or passionate then you are transmitting POSITIVE ENERGY to the Universe. However, if you are feeling sad, resentful, angry, anxious, stressed or lonely, then you are transmitting NEGATIVE ENERGY to the Universe. Therefore the Universe, through LOA, has to respond to the vibration you are sending out and gives you more of the same. Just like a boomerang, it comes directly back to you. The Universe doesn’t decide which is best for you, it just simply responds with more of the same.

Recognizing this and managing your energy vibrations, thoughts, and feelings to match up with what you want to be, do, and experience will give you exactly what you desire!

Because we are all energy and all energy is connected, we are all living magnets. Magnets do not struggle to attract anything and neither do you. Your thoughts and feelings determine the energy you put out. The Universe simply reflects that vibrational match back to you. It does not decide which is best for you.

Have you ever thought of an old friend you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while? Then thought to yourself “I need to give them a call or pay so-in-so a visit.” Only to find out that when you got home there was a voicemail or note left by the very same friend you had been thinking of. That is the Law of Attraction!

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