Attracting the Relationships You Want and Deserve

“In order to attract and maintain romantic and spiritual partnerships, you must be what it is that you’re seeking. That is, you always need to put forth what you want to attract.”

-Wayne Dyer

Do you feel like you are constantly struggling with the relationships in your life? Whether they are relationships with romantic partners, family members, co-workers or just not finding the love you feel you deserve, just know that can be changed!

law of attraction loveIn order to ATTRACT your true love or relationships that you love and serve you completely, you have to love yourself first. Sounds cliché, but do most people have it? It’s not the idea of loving yourself but truly knowing who you are and being happy with it.

Let’s dig deep. What desires do you have? What are your truest PASSIONS? The more honest, truthful, and specific you are with these questions the easier it is to blueprint your ideal relationships. And once you have a blueprint, you can build specific affirmations and use visualizing to attract that perfect person for you.

Here are some example questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling on finding your self-love.

What are my dreams? Desires? Needs?

Where is my happiest and most pleasurable time spent?

What are my strongest qualities or characteristics?

What natural talents or gifts do I have that others notice?

Next you can use these answers to attract that special relationship.

Start a list of things that you would never, EVER want in that person. What was it about your previous relationships that caused them to not work out? Were you cheated on? Was that person dishonest? Were there physical qualities that were unattractive to you? Did that person surprise you with values different from your own? What are your pet peeves or deal breakers in a relationship?

Seems a little negative but this step is vital into attracting a specific person, a person matching your desired relationship.

So, now it is CLEARER to pinpoint exactly what you DO WANT!

loa loveOn the opposite side of your DON’T WANT list, write the opposite. Let’s say you put down that you didn’t appreciate your last partner always being late. On the WHAT I DO WANT LIST is someone who is punctual. Very simple. In order to get to someone with great values, attractive qualities and strengths you respect you point out the negative and replace it with its opposite.

Law of Attraction states that once you have a specific desire and ask for it, believe in it, allow it to come, it will.

Remember that AFFIRMATIONS make our specific desires appear faster.

Now we can say for example:

I am in the process of attracting my ideal relationship. One that is open and understanding to my wants and needs.


It feels great to share time with my ideal partner and his or her family.


I am so excited to share my religious beliefs with my new partner.


I am grateful to have found someone who shows me (he or she) cares by simply being punctual.

loveThrough affirmations and VISUALIZING those being fulfilled must feel great. Your vibrations will rise. Unwavering faith that this person is on their way to you is key. Positive emotion in FEELINGS should have released most doubt, worry, and fear.

Relax and let the Law of Attraction create the magic of your dream relationship!