“Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence in your mind.” –Napoleon Hill


law of attraction moneyThe Law of Attraction has taught us that our words form our thoughts and our feelings are made up of either negative or positive vibrations. In order to be aligned with your ideal financial situation, you must first learn to reset those vibrations. When your words change from negative to positive, so does your vibration. And that vibration is going to be the one that will match you with your desire.

Changing our words seems like a task, but it is vital to attracting abundance. If you are thinking about your lack of money, or stressing about the constant cycle of bills, or depressed about the materialistic purchases you cannot afford, STOP! Through the Law of Attraction, all of your financial needs and wants can be met.


Try replacing your thoughts of what you don’t want with things that you DO want.

Instead of thinking…                                                                                                                                                                 

I don’t have enough money.

I can’t afford anything I want.

I am always stressing about the bills I have to pay.


Train your thoughts to transfer into…

I am in the constant state of abundance.

I am a money magnet, continuously attracting enough for my wants.

All of my bills are paid easily and quickly.


Once you have changed your thoughts, you are creating new vibrations for the Universe to give you more of the same. Abundance is also a feeling. And it feels amazing! So why wouldn’t you want to feel it all of the time? You do. So remember the Universe does not know if what you are sending out is a memory, present feeling, or a visualization. It just simply responds.


Take a look at your everyday life. Abundance is everywhere, in everything.

  • A friend offers to buy you lunch.
  • You won the raffle at work.
  • You sold an old piece of furniture.
  • You receive a small gift from a family member.
  • There was a discount on an item you have wanted.
  • You received recognition and a thank you for a job well done.
  • An unexpected check arrived in the mail.


use law of attraction moneyThese are all evidence that the Law of Attraction is currently working in your life. Be grateful no matter how small the gift is. Allow yourself to accept these gifts and feel good doing it. It raises your vibration and increases more opportunities to attract more financial opportunities.

*Keeping a daily journal for gifts is suggested. It snowballs your appreciation and gratitude as you reread each day over. You will be reminded of those amazing feelings as your vibration was raised. All of this adds to the power of attraction and your gifts and financial situations will magnify greater and greater!