Stages of a Relationship

Learn the Progressive Stages of a Relationship

Stages in a relationship are a series of tests that check our compatibility with our partner.


This stage can last anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. The mutual feeling of intense attraction leaves each other with an uncontrollable urge to be with each other as much as possible. Sexual chemistry is also at a height. We seem to overlook any flaws in the other person and see the world through “rose colored glasses” during this stage. It feels so good that our brains are actually on a natural high of oxytocin and dopamine, so that we have no time to consider any negatives about the other person. Hollywood has glamourized this stage to perfection, leading many of us to chase this stage like love addicted fanatics.


After spending countless hours of long conversations and late nights with someone special, we are dropped off in the middle of a love hangover so to speak. Someone we once found so fascinating and interesting seems to show their true colors. Truth is, this is the haze of the infatuation stage lifting.

After opening all the way up to this person, we start to make our own assumptions about their commitment to the relationship. Opinions are created here whether they may be true or not. Each of us tries to fit their partner into an “ideal” of their own expectations. Trying to change someone and their flaws may lead partners running for the hills. Others may choose to reciprocate and compromise for the better, moving the relationship forward.

This stage can last 3-4 years and has the highest rate of divorces.


This stage of the relationship has two parts. The first part of this phase allows us to feel reconnected and a deeper love for one another. It is as if the infatuation stage was stronger than ever. Most people make the commitment to engage or get married here. Both partners are equally happy and the expectations are understood and met. It is comforting to know that the relationship has a balance of love and power.

Next, sexual chemistry can play as a deal breaker in this phase as one partner may begin to be disinterested. Affairs may play a factor if one’s needs aren’t being met. Or sexual chemistry may be at its peak of excitement bringing partners closer than ever. Bottom line here is that the relationship is on the fine line of trust leading us to the final stage in a relationship.


Here both partners in the relationship work as a team. They venture out into the world together usually in the form of a business, creating a family, or even a non-profit organization. Stability has been built and both partners are on the same page. They see each other’s flaws and choose to work on balancing the relationship rather than neglecting it. Each person remains an independent individual, however both realize that they are stronger together. This stage in the relationship has unbreakable trust and unconditional love as long as neither partner is failing to nurture the other. If one feels like they are being taken for granted, they may seek affection elsewhere. The key is to work inside the relationship instead of letting the outside world cause distractions that can slowly allow partners to drift apart. The bond should be strong enough to overcome issues that may arise, however, most relationships may bounce back to the POWER STRUGGLE STAGE until they can form another stable balance to build the relationship back up again.