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"Create" Acrylic Wall Clock

"Create" Acrylic Wall Clock

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Unleash the artist within with our exclusive "Create" 10.75 inch Square Clock. Designed for thinkers, dreamers, and creators, this timepiece transforms timekeeping into an art form. The clock face features a compelling mosaic of geometric shapes and mechanical details, reminiscent of a sculptor's intricate sketches or an inventor's complex blueprints as well as an AI element.


The monochromatic scheme is splashed with dynamic, sketch-like lines and dots, giving the impression of a canvas mid-creation, capturing the essence of the creative process. At the center of this artistic whirlwind, the word "Create" is boldly inscribed in an orange, stylized font, serving as a vibrant call to action against the otherwise grayscale palette.

Crafted from durable acrylic that mimics the sophistication of glass but with greater resilience, this clock is as sturdy as it is striking. Whether it's gracing the wall of a studio, office, or living space, it stands as a statement piece that inspires the flow of ideas and the birth of innovation with every passing second.

Elevate your environment with this clock, a symbol of creation's boundless realm, and let every tick remind you of the masterpieces waiting to be realized by the hands of time.

.: Material: 100% acrylic
.: 10.75'' square shape 
.: Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
.: Includes keyhole hanging slot

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