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"Manifest" Milky Way Wall Clock

"Manifest" Milky Way Wall Clock

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Embrace the essence of cosmic timing with our 10-inch Manifest Milky Way Round Clock, a testament to the Law of Attraction in every tick. Framed in your choice of sleek black, pristine white, or warm natural wood, this timepiece is a daily reminder that the Universe aligns perfectly with your highest intentions.

At the heart of the clock, a mesmerizing image of the Milky Way unfurls across the face, symbolizing the infinite possibilities that await you. Against this galactic backdrop, the silhouette of a triumphant individual, arms raised in victory, serves as a powerful affirmation of your own success and achievements.

Adorned with the word 'Manifest' in elegant script, this clock doesn't just tell time—it inspires a moment of reflection and aspiration with every glance. It's not only an accessory for your home or office but a functional piece of art that keeps you attuned to the universe's rhythm of abundance.

Place this clock where you'll see it during your moments of planning and reflection, and let its presence guide you to manifest the life of your dreams, one second at a time.

.: Wooden frame
.: Plexiglass face
.: Pre-installed backside hook
.: For indoor use
.: Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
.: Silent clock mechanism

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